The Hospice Care Team

Hospice Nursing

The hospice nurse makes regularly scheduled visits to the patient, according to their needs, to provide pain management and symptom control. Our nursing staff also provides educational support to the patient as well as the family, helping to ease the fear of the unknown.

Hospice Chaplains

As part of the hospice healthcare team, hospice chaplains make spiritual care a priority. Our chaplains offer an open, sensitive and nonjudgmental presence and an acceptance of different beliefs, cultures and values. It is our goal to support every family with as much compassion and care as possible. Our hope is to share in this sacred time in such a way as to provide spiritual healing, purpose, and meaning.

Hospice Social Workers

Hospice social workers assist with some of the more unique and complicated daily living details. Our social workers are Master’s- prepared professionals who assist the patient and family with the many issues which arise at the end of life. Some of these services include assistance with end-of-life tasks, practical and financial concerns, insurance and payment concerns, as well as assisting with making final arrangements. By using a holistic approach, our social workers also provide education and emotional support during this time of transition.

Certified Nursing Assistant

Our hospice aides are all certified in providing care in a home or homelike setting. The hospice aides are trained to provide personal hygiene care, assistance with activities of daily living, and an array of homemaker services. They may also provide light household services to maintain a safe and sanitary environment for the patient.

Physician Services

Physician services are part of the hospice benefit. We believe that a continued relationship with your primary care physician is important, and you may continue your physician relationship once you have elected your hospice benefit. If this is not feasible, you may also elect to have one of our specialized hospice physicians oversee your care.

From the initial visit forward, our team continues to provide support physically, emotionally, and spiritually.